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Surviving Unemployment

Disclaimer: this is coming from my own opinion and perspective of the situation. It is also coming from my recent experience.

Hey, this is the second part of this unemployment two part series. I am sure that if at least one person relates and benefits from this series that I have done what I wish for out of this. I am not here to complain, but just to represent people that are in my same boat. This is to let you know that even if it seems like you’re the only one dealing with this you aren’t and it is going to be okay. So, I am going to stop with rabbling and let you get right into.

The Start

I like many other college graduates have struggled after graduation. Through my own experience I looked for a job right away. I obsessed over it. The fact that I needed to have that stable job as soon as I got back from my last summer vacation. However, after applying to a wide range of jobs outside of my degree, but also with in it, I got continuous rejections. Some of the reasons behind them were there wasn’t enough experience there. Another was that I didn’t obtain the certain degree they were asking, yet had the experience mind you. Though most of the rejections came with no answer or no response to follow up emails. This point in my opinion is in a way unprofessional especially when it comes from smaller companies or institutions. I also want to revisit the point of not having enough experience.

How do these companies and institutions expect other candidates along with myself to have years of experience as fresh college graduates? In a way the whole system in a way sets us up for failure. However, I know that there are many people that find jobs or have a job ready for them right after graduation. Yet, I’m sure the majority align with my situation at least through many of the people I know with in my own life. I tried to not let all this bother me and to take it with a grain of salt waiting patiently for any internship or job opportunity. The thing is later once I got back to the U.S. in August I was hit with a family emergency. I had to stay home for awhile to be a caregiver to the most important person in my life.


I didn’t give up though still looking for a job that can get my foot in the door. Applying and applying again. In the past year of applying I heard back from four different places 3 abroad and one in America. The ones abroad thought I was crazy for even considering working outside of the U.S. This eventually lead them to decide against hiring me. It was alright since I wasn’t able to leave my caregiver position just yet. A few months past and I get an email back from the one opportunity in America. They however, didn’t give me the chance for the interview they offered since I wasn’t in the area. This shocked me especially since in my application and emails with them I mentioned how willing I was to relocate and to fly in for the interview. Here I am a year after graduation still looking for a job or an internship in a variety of fields that interest me and that I either have a degree or the experience in.

The Twist

My fun personal little twist to the whole situation is how I’m not even sure what I want to do with my life. There are so many things I want to do. I want to write about things I’m passionate about. To created content that is unique and different to everything that’s out now. I want to travel a lot with what I do, and want to show my compassion to the world. The thing is I can keep listing things and start to get excited, but I’m stuck and don’t know where to start. Like is there a career that combines owning a yoga studio, dealing with foreign affairs that allows me to write and create content for the mass while traveling the world and teaching history. Just to name a few things. It probably can happen, but the first step in my opinion is the hardest.

I’m doing one of those things now. The chance to write on this blog gives me at least quarter of what I desire. Even though at times I get super discouraged as any new or old blogger when you feel like your content isn’t reaching out to people or that people like ourselves are coming to see it. That’s the thing self doubt makes us stay in the same spot, discourage us from even trying, or keeps us hesitant constantly. I know for myself I need to stop being scared and start doing and looking for what I want. Not to give up with this job search so that eventually I’ll gain all the things I want. I need to push through the rejections, the no responses, and the limited options for the opportunities I crave for.

The Reason

I am not sharing this post out of self pity, attention, complaining, or for attention. I merely am doing this to let people know that they aren’t alone. That finding a job isn’t easy and you shouldn’t be discouraged by everyone else who’s landing jobs. I know that for myself I felt discouraged and it took a toll on my confidence at the start. Getting no response or rejection after rejection really gets to you, but I learned that everyone has their own timeline. Everyone receives things at a different pace whether its relationships, a job, recognition, or even the chance to travel. But we all fall into that trap, but what’s different is if you are able to push through and get yourself out.

The Push

I’m sure that job will come and it’ll be a dream come true. Patience never goes unseen by the universe or God whichever you believe in. This is coming from one of the most impatient people you will ever meet. Rereading this makes me think that I should start taking my own advice. I just hope that this blog post is able to help and encourage at least one person. The goal is to help others and be able to pass my experience to others that might give them perspective on their own lives. I’m going to stop rambling now. But I want you to start kicking ass since you have it in you to really get what you want and be that person you want to be.

Shine like the moon.

– Nagham